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A platform designed to manage the flow of information and money from project inception through to building handover, linked to the contractual rules that govern that project using smart contract and blockchain technology.

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Create.iF are bringing a new approach to Consultancy Services in the Construction Industry, in collaboration with TessPay - a Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Payments Technology Company.

We will provide a digital ‘ space’ to enable users to access ‘best in class’ software and technology products that improve the process of construction projects from inception through to handover.  


The suite will enable the efficient flow of information, whilst maintaining a robust and transparent single source data set through the whole life of a Construction project.


Funders, Developers, Employers Agents and Contractors will all benefit from the platform.


Supporting 'Golden Thread' principles, Blockchain in construction is becoming the talk of the industry!


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create.if MANAGE 2021 compact logo - light.png

Create.iF support Funds & Investors, Developers, Constructors and Business Owner/Managers in their property ventures.


Create.iF have the knowledge and expertise to enable clients to create the design, finance, procurement and management strategies required to control their construction activities and deliver projects. 


Create.iF offer the tools, resources and experience to make and apply sound commercial, contractual and operational decisions, particularly amongst troubled or distressed developments.


The KEY principle behind our platform is the GOLDEN RECORD: "A single, well-defined version of all project data accessed via one ecosystem".

TessPay Logo - White.png

TessPay has developed a 21st century blockchain based fintech platform that monitors workflow certification for the Major Project Construction Industry.

The TessPay Construction Platform disrupts old world manual financial settlements using Blockchain technology and smart contracts, allowing faster and more secure Developer / Contractor payments.

The TessPay Construction Platform enables lenders to securely advance funds for certified project work.

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