Creating and maintaining a common thread of data throughout the development stages.

Accessible to the Fund, Developer, Project Manager, Constructor and Owner/Occupier - The information asset becomes as valuable as the building!


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The KEY principle behind our platform is the GOLDEN RECORD: "A single, well-defined version of all project data accessed via one ecosystem".

In this context, a golden record is sometimes called the “single version of the truth,” where “truth” is understood to mean the reference to which stakeholders can turn when they want to ensure that they have the correct version of a piece of information


There is a significant amount of information that is required to satisfy statutory and regulatory bodies, financial institutions, insurance and warranty providers, funders, legals and building operators and maintainers.

We provide the platform that brings all of this together in once place, appropriately and securely accessible, so that documentary progress is as 'easy to perceive or detect and open to scrutiny' as the physical build.


Information is created and reproduced by several parties, often introducing discrepancies and conflicts between documents.

Enabling stakeholders to access and share 'root information' within our platform achieves 'maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense'.

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The SPACE platform enables quick and simple access to 'Best in Class' software and industry applications.

Using our dashboard, users connect to technology relevant to the stage of the project with a single sign in




We assist with implementation and maintenance of project protocols and processes with all information kept in a Common Data Environment (CDE)


We provide the expertise required to identify project strategies and align these with documentary evidence to support stakeholder decision making


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